Be who you are

I listened to a leadership podcast from Matt Chandler as I went home from work today.

Matt Chandler is a well-known pastor, leader, author and a great communicator. He is a husband and a father to his children.

In 2009, Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer, an incurable disease. The doctors said that he has 2-3 years more to live.

He went through chemotherapy for a year and a half and was told that it is the only thing that will hold the sickness from worsening. But in 2011, lo and behold, his medical results showed that the cancer was gone.

The doctors said that he needs to continue to do constant check-ups and that his life has been extended to 7-10 years more.

In the podcast, Matt also shared how he spends his time with his wife and children wisely knowing that each day that he has is precious.

In the podcast, he was asked a question about leadership as a person who exemplified great leadership despite of all he has experienced. Here’s the question:

What do you advice young leaders who aspire to be great leaders?

Here’s how he answered it:

“Don’t duplicate somebody else you’re not, don’t duplicate people like Andy Stanley because you’re not Andy Stanley”.

God created you uniquely and allow the Lord to make you what the Lord wants to make you”. He said: “be who you are, be where you are and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ”.

Here’s how I interpreted it:

1. Be who you are – God will use you for who you are, stop duplicating somebody.

2. Be where you are – God speaks to you where he has placed you, don’t miss it.

3. Grow in your intimacy with Jesus Christ – Intimacy with Jesus makes us aware to what we should really pursue and know what really is important.

I like how he emphasized that pursuing great and well-known leaders for the sake of greatness is different from pursuing what Jesus’ heartbeat is.

Serving God is not about the greatness that we will get but about giving glory to Him as an act of gratefulness for the love He has shown when He sent Jesus to die for our sins on the cross. When we realize this, all about what we do or who we become is never about us but about His goodness and a result of God’s grace. This frees us from selfishness and sets us to become vessels a mighty God uses to do great and mighty things.

So start being who you are today. Greatness is already in you, living in you, Jesus Christ in you.

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