Campus 101 by Ptr. Jon Dolor

Campus Ministry 101 – Notes from Ptr. Jon Dolor in the School of Campus Ministry

– we are called to DO ministry not make it grow.
– we are called to DO ministry and He’ll make it grow.
1 Cor. 3:7
– God doesn’t measure our numbers, He measures our faithfulness

– a title/position can never give security like identity in God can.
Rom. 8:15

– If a vision is from God, it’s always too big for us to achieve apart from God.

Is your vision for your campus ministry too big enough to achieve?

– you don’t volunteer to something you OWN.
– when you allow your volunteers to OWN the ministry, you empower them raising volunteerism to the next level.

– The next generation is always an endangered species.

We are intentional in raising and developing young leaders.

– Events attract crowds but events doesn’t grow them.


– Never let the enemy get a foothold on your team’s relationship.

We cultivate a culture of honoring one another.
– Never factor out fun in the ministry.

You enjoy what you are passionate about.

– Problems grow the ministry more than success or favor can.

For challenges and persecution are a setup for growth.

– If you can read the season, it’s easy to forge a plan of action.
– Don’t stop serving your campus and you’ll stay relevant.

Serving never goes out of style.

– Money is a big help but is never the only means.
– Lack of resources is never a factor.

God is our ultimate resource, everything else is secondary.

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