Servanthood Leadership

Servanthood Leadership

Last Monday, Sept. 12, we were privileged to be taught by Ptr. Frank Damazio on Leadership. Ptr. Frank has been in the ministry for more than 30 years and has authored 30 books including “The Making of a Leader”.

As he started his session, he gave two statements that will set the tone of what he will be sharing to us about servanthood leadership.

Here are the two statements:
1. “God saved me because he loved me”. (It has nothing to do with what we do, it is received grace)
2. “God’s purpose for saving me was to give him glory”. (Romans 14:8-9)

This explains that as leaders, we are called because God loves us and our ultimate purpose is to give Him glory.

So what is servanthood leadership?

Serving is going beyond position, title, praise, power, ego and the fear of being less.

“Your heart to serve will be tested when people treat you like you are less of them”. -Frank Damazio

This is one of the tests of a leader’s heart to serve.

Then he shared very important details on leadership:

8 Things Servant Leaders Don’t Have:
1. Manipulation – using one’s influence to gain personal advantage.
2. Control – controlling peoples lives.
3. Self-centeredness – putting yourself at the center.
4. Exploitation – using people for your good.
5. Strong-willed (in a sinful way) – not being open for advice or suggestions.
6. Stubborness – being inflexible and hardheaded.
7. Dominance – to always get the upperhand or always wanting supremacy above others
8. Dictatorial – expecting everyone to do what you want them to do without allowing any questions and inquiry of why.

5 Things We Should Have:
1. Character above Function – it is guarding ourselves against entitlement.
2. Motives above Activities – service not performance.
3. Humility above Promotions – service not glory.
4. Faithfulness above Success – an identity secured in Christ, not defined by what we do but who we are in Him.
5. Others above Self – leadership fueled and motivated by love for others. By agape love.

But here’s the ultimate conclusion on servant leadership:

– it is a result of a deep work of God’s grace.
– it is a result of the work of God in making us more like Jesus. (because it doesn’t come naturally to us)
– it is molded through crucibles of trials, suffering, hardships and valleys
– it is a priority system that is others-centered.

As a summary, we see that servant leadership talks about character and love but here’s the verse of the ultimate example of a servant leader, our ultimate model for servanthood leadership;

Mark 10: 45 (NIV)
“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the greatest embodiment and personification of servant leadership through a life of service and sacrifice.

An example we look up to and and be transformed into by His grace.

Character above function, motives above activities, humility above promotions, faithfulness above success, others above self.

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